Whirlpool 15.8 cu. ft. Upright Freezer w/ Contoured Door White Model EV160FXBQ Dimensions Width (in.) 30 Depth w/ Handle (in.) 30.25 Depth w/o Handle (in.) 30.25 Height to Top of Case (in.) 61.313 Height to Top of Hinge (in.) 61.313 Depth w/Door Open 90 Degrees (In.) 55.6 Depth without Door (in.) 24.5 Appliance Features Defrost System Manual Temperature Alarm No Oil Cooled Compressor No Defrost...
In good used condition. Braun bowl with 2 whisk. First come first serve.
In good used condition. Price includes all 3 pieces. First come first serve.
White Down Comforter, size King, New