BAD HDMI PORT Was working just fine, game cut on and everything just dont connect to tv anymore.. Looked it up and its common on Xbox ones $120 obo
A beautiful rare book. Black cover shows wear, duh, it is 114 years old The Dean was Mary Breed.Terrific pictures and illustrations. 339 pages. A truly great find to treasure
I have about 120 Instrumentalists magazines. They are in very good condition. They have been in a box on a shelf completely covered for many years. No sun or dust got to them. I am moving and need to pass these to somebody else.
I have a used copy of this book. If you search on Amazon, it is selling for about $200. Its a limited edition and it isnt being made anymore. The book is in good condition. The pictures focus in on the minimal wear of the edges of the cover. No signatures or any writing of any kind inside.
I have about 80 Commodore Magazines from the 80s and later. They have been well kept in a box and are clean and in good shape. Asking about half what they sell for on line is other places.
uofl acct 201 book for sale, great condition, little to no marks, great price
144 Birds Blooms MagazinesIncludes several Birds Blooms Extra issues and the 1996 Premier Issue. From 1996 to 2017. I do not have the time to list them all and will sell as a bulk lot only.They sell from $1.99 to $14.99 per issue online shipping.Get 144 of them here for $0.50 each.1996 41997 71998 61999 62000 62001 62002 62003 62004 62005 92006 122007 122008 132009 122010 122011 112012 82015 12...
100 issues dating from 1968 to 2014, several complete years. Also includes several dated dust sleeves. From good to excellent condition. Must take all.
Barton Level 4 Reading and Spelling System for tutoring students with dyslexia.This is the fourth in a series of 10 Levels. Student must have completed Levels 1 through 3before starting Level 4. This kit is includes box, book, training videos for tutor, special instructions and some homework pages the rest you will need to copy out of the book. Some homework pages were copied from the book onto...
UPS The Big Idea Magazines, 1989 NovDec, 1990 all, 1991 Feb, Mar, Apr and June, 1992 Jan,Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June and Sep, 1993 Mar, Apr, May, June, Sep, Nov and Dec, 1994 Jan, Feb, May, July, Aug, Sep, and Oct, 1995 Feb, Mar. The Founders Day Puzzle with all the pieces and Two UPS 747 hats that have not been worn.