Kettle One Vodka bottle, hole drimmelled in the bottom/back, electric corded red lights inside, covered w/Black, red and silver glitter. All bottles have been sealed and NO glitter flakes off of them. They are very unique conversation pieces, for sure! I have over 100 of these bottles, So be on the lookout for more! Thank you
Kettle One Vodka bottle, glittered with red, black, and silver. The glitter is SEALED and will not flake off. There is a hole drimmeled in the lower back of the bottle and red lights have been inserted. Electrical outlet. Beautiful, unique and a great conversation piece!
Pickup on west side of kokomo only.COST $65 new.U ARE GETTING A AWESOME DEAL.
Set of 3 xtra nice pictures. From Kirkland's porch pick up in Gallatin